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Aok Sokunkanha, the First Star Owner of R&F Glory

On September 29, the Aok Sokunkanha Fans’ Meeting of the R&F Glory Project was held in the R&F Property exhibition hall. The Diva Aok Sokunkanha came to the scene and purchased 6 suites of the R&F Glory Project for the first time, becoming the first star owner of R&F Glory!

Superstar’s Appearance Lights Up the Purchasing Site

This fans’ meeting was another example of cooperation between Ms. Aok Sokunkanha and R&F Glory as well as the signing ceremony of the R&F Glory Brand Launch and the Celebrity Endorsement Ceremony on September 27th. Ms. Kanha appeared at the R&F Glory exhibition hall, making the scene jubilant. Mr. Xu Wenshui, General Manager of R&F Properties, also expressed his warmest welcome to Ms. Kanha.

Accompanied by Mr. Xu, Ms. Aok Sokunkanha then visited the model showroom and was given a detailed understanding of R&F Glory. The project’s excellent residential design and construction process as well as the top luxury supporting system gained Ms. Kanha’s appreciation. At the fans’ meeting, Ms. Kanha said that she was honored to be the exclusive spokesperson for R&F Glory and expressed her high praise for R&F Properties as a global, quality life creator and leader of future high-end residential projects.

Ms. Kanha specially brought her latest music to the fans’ meeting, and the beautiful songs touched everyone in the room, winning thundering applause. Under this circumstance, Ms. Kanha announced on the spot the purchase of the house, and immediately signed an agreement, becoming the first star owner of R&F Glory. This means that in the near future, Ms. Kanha will be a close neighbor and partner with many other owners of R&F Glory. At the spot where the purchase was made, the atmosphere was lit up and reached a climax.

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