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R&F Cambodia Anniversary & Merchant Alliance Signing Ceremony ended successfully

R&F Cambodia Anniversary & Merchant Alliance Signing Ceremony were held with grandeur on 12th, September 2019 at Phnom Penh Central City along the Hun Sen Boulevard! The event was honorably participated by the chairman of R&F Cambodia, major chambers of commerce in Cambodia, merchant alliance partners and Cambodia major media’s journalists in total approx. 300 people to gather around for this grand celebration.

The event was packed of crowd and created a lively atmosphere. All distinguished guests and alliance partners enjoyed their time and had nice conversations. Many anchor brands signed to be part of the merchant alliance of R&F Cambodia.

Let’s create the future of Phnom Penh with the era of R&F

The event started with a pleasant dance performance, delivered a great intro to the event. Later on, Mr. Wenshui Xu, the CEO sequentially gave a speech to open the ceremony. As well to thank you for the arrival of all distinguished guests and partners, and wish all merchant alliance partners a great future and hope.

25 Years of success, R&F has made many remarkable milestones from continents to continents around the world. From starting the “Ban Bi Zhujiang New Town” to wielding the power of many largest luxurious hotels around the world, R&F always adheres to the mission of being a city operator to helps the improvement of urban development and residential quality. Since 2017 the first-time entering Cambodia, R&F group was the first to start a new chapter of Phnom Penh residential experiences and renovate the residential standard in Phnom Penh through their two major projects: Phnom Penh Central City and R&F Glory Project. Moreover, they made an achievement of top-selling property of the year in Phnom Penh in 2018.

Born to be extraordinary, lead to the miracle of wealth

The event was attended by Mrs. Aok Sokunkanha, Cambodia’s well-known singer, as well as R&F Cambodia regional ambassador and a celebrity merchant in the ceremony to share her experience of being a member of R&F merchant alliance for over the past year. Mr. Wenshui Xu, the CEO of R&F Cambodia was led to the stage and granted the award of honorary ambassador of the merchant alliance to Mrs. Aok Sokunkanha, while the guests were expressing their congratulations with applause and making the event atmosphere more magnificent.

Hereafter, many R&F merchant alliance partners shared their opinions one by one on the stage of being a member of the merchant alliance and their sights of Phnom Penh future commercial development for these couple years. As same as a member who works in Cambodia and builds a good future of Phnom Penh, whether R&F or many business partners, are a crucial part of the social-economic chain of Phnom Penh that enclosed to the city development of Phnom Penh. How to achieve a good commercial ecological environment, achieve diversified business operations, and achieve international win-win situations will be the common goal of the merchant alliance partners.

The launching of R&F merchant alliance platform is a great significance to R&F Cambodia and all major brand owners in Cambodia to satisfy the needs and trends of Phnom Penh commerce. Only building an economic ecosystem of mutual-growing, sharing and win-win operation could promote multi-party mutual development and long-term improvement.

As the time of official signing ceremony came, the event had just hit the climax immediately. R&F Cambodia chairman, various brand managers and merchant alliance ambassador were launching the signing ceremony together on the stage with a round of applause and confetti in the air.

Not a waste for a long wait, believing in a promising future

For R&F Cambodia, this will be a brand-new start in 2019. As a builder of Phnom Penh City, R&F Cambodia also hopes that while cultivating the residential quality, they will grow tall together with various industries merchants and corporate partners, and then create the value for this city development.

At last, Chairman of R&F Cambodia stated that R&F Cambodia will keep the initial objective to create more business opportunities and other cooperation opportunities for various investors, and won’t let those corporate partners down. Meanwhile, we are also happy to welcome more international brand owners, businessmen and investors who wish to join us to create a merchant alliance for building a stronger future business and alliance economic ecosystem together, and achieving multiple win-win statements. Let’s work together to explore the brilliant future of Phnom Penh!

Phnom Penh Central City’s hotline: +855 (0) 188882777

Sale center address: 300m south from intersection of 271 Blvd and Monivong Blvd, Phnom Penh Central City project sale center

For more information, please follow our official Facebook Page: R&F Properties Cambodia

[Disclaimer: The above promotional content is only available in Cambodia region]

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