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Michael Wang, R&F Properties Cambodia: The Way for Chinese Enterprises to Set New Building Standards in Cambodia

Michael Wang, vice chairman of R&F Properties Cambodia, shared the reason for R&F Group’s layout in Cambodia and other unknown secrets of Cambodian property in the interview by Cambodian famous program MISS AN Face to Face.

Mission of R&F

“As a company rooted in Guangzhou, the development of G&F Group accompanied and witnessed the course of China’s reform and opening up. It witnessed the development of real estate industry from the very start to the thriving situation.”

Since 2013, in response to the “Belt and Road” Initiative, G&F Group has expanded its overseas market and launched real estate projects in five foreign countries including the UK, Malaysia, Australia and Cambodia.”

As a responsible company, R&F always has its own sense of mission and responsibility, both for China and for the country where it is developed. R&F started its business with the transformation of the old city, so it has always played a leading role in the renewal, construction and improvement of the living environment.

R&F hopes to deliver high quality and high-level products to the market. Our overseas real estate projects are also expected to become landmark buildings of the city and a new starting point for its urban development, said Mr. Michael Wang.

Design Concept

“In fact, entering the Cambodian market is a long-term practice. It has been a long period of exploration and research from investigating the Southeast Asian market to implementing our projects here.”

We have conducted in-depth research and analysis on culture, tradition, politics, geographical location and market composition of Cambodia. For this market, we have created the products that fit the market and meet the purchasing power of Cambodian people.

My major was architecture in university and I have been engaged in architectural design and urban planning for many years. According to my 20-odd-year career experience, the housing itself is not just a shelter for someone. More importantly, it is a vital carrier to maintain social order and create a better society.

Due to the lack of public communication space, the relationship between people always tends to be isolated in large cities. Therefore, the R&F Cambodia project has adopted some garden design and public spaces to closer the distance between the people in the neighborhood to make a more harmonious society.

After we fully studied the city, we designed a garden-style community where people and cars are diverted. In this community, residents can communicate with each other; the kids and the elderly are offered with the areas for leisure, walking and playing. The 24-hour professional security patrol are also provided.

Our project is in the best road in Cambodia – Hun Sen Blvd. Hun Sen Blvd is a 60-meter wide road which will lead to the new airport in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Moreover, many public facilities will be operated along the road. In terms of business, there are international business circles such as AEON and PH ECO Malls. In terms of education, as the best school in Cambodia, the ISPP will also be found nearby.

Therefore, our basic facilities in food, clothing, housing and transportation can meet the new standards as a new urban area, bringing a completely different life experience to the city.”

Mission in the New Era

“The Cambodian market is a brand new, emerging and dynamic market. This large market has attracted many companies’ entering Cambodia. But this market is still in need of leading figures and industry specifications.

As a top ten Chinese real estate company, R&F Properties has a sense of mission. We want to bring China’s truly Chinese-level and Chinese-quality products as well as the brand reputation to this country, because R&F brand has already deeply impressed the Chinese people.

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