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R & F Cambodian Merchant Alliance Opening Ceremony Ended Successfully!

On June 15, the R & F Cambodian Merchant Alliance Forum with the theme of “Creating the Future with Phnom Penh” at the R&F Merchant Alliance Opening Ceremony was inaugurated at the R & F City Marketing Center in Phnom Penh. The forum was unprecedented, and the relevant leaders of R & F Properties (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., the strategic partners of the Merchant Alliance, the merchants of various industries in Phnom Penh, and the reporters of major, mainstream media organizations in Phnom Penh gathered together for a grand event.

There were in-depth and practical discussions on the current economic situation and future development trends in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The on-site interaction was wonderful, the guests responded enthusiastically, and more than 100 merchants signed up to join the Merchant Alliance on site.

Keeping the Mission in Mind and Achieving Prosperity in the Future

After the wonderful opening blessing dance, first Mr. Wang Zhihao, the Chairman of R & F Properties (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., made a speech on the stage to express sincere gratitude to the guests and made a brief introduction to R & F Properties (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. and its two major projects, including R & F City in Phnom Penh and R & F Mansion.

Chairman Wang said that the year of 2019 is the second year for R & F Properties (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. of working hard in Cambodia. The two projects of R & F City in Phnom Penh and R & F Mansion are not only its pioneering work in Phnom Penh but also high-quality projects following the development of China’s “One Belt, One Road” Initiative. The brilliant achievements created are obvious to all.

What’s more, R & F Properties (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the development strategy of “following city trends to create a better life” and has never forgotten the mission as a world-leading developer at all times. For this reason, it has worked with various chambers of commerce in China and Cambodia, has built the Merchant Alliance dialogue platform in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with well-known Cambodian enterprises to create a better life for all owners in Cambodia and explore the future of Phnom Penh with partners.

Seizing the Momentum & Being Symbiotic and Win-Win

In the forum link, the representatives from various leading industries also shared their insights and views on the economic development of Phnom Penh, Cambodia over the past year. At the current time, Cambodian business is still in a relatively backward and dispersed stage on the whole, and the traditional business model is not suitable for the future development of Phnom Penh. How to change the present situation and seek more development opportunities is an urgent problem for all merchants. The establishment of the Merchant Alliance conforms to the needs of economic development in Phnom Penh. By building a symbiotic, shared, win-win economic ecosystem, multi-party symbiosis development and long-term improvements can be promoted.

After expressing opinions on the development of Cambodia in the past, the representatives of various leading industries in the forum also looked forward to the future development of Cambodia in regard the overall economy and key industries, and further elaborated for the guests on the importance of the Merchant Alliance for the future development of the economy of Phnom Penh.

R & F Properties (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. with global high-end owners and investment customers can provide a large and stable consumer group guarantee for the Merchant Alliance, aggregate preferential policies for merchants, and find the consumption potential for customer groups from different dimensions to realize the resource interaction and information sharing of passenger flows and business opportunities.

Meanwhile, it provides comprehensive promotion support for merchants in virtue of its strong brand strength and media channel resources. In addition, R & F Properties (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. will also carry out periodic economic forums and marketing themed activities to guide cross-border exchanges between various industries, develop interpersonal connections in Phnom Penh, and strive to create wealth together in Phnom Penh.

Keeping the Initial Intention and Growing Together

For R & F Properties (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., while creating a better life for the owners, it also hopes to create value for the development of Phnom Penh. It is an honor for R & F Properties (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. to grow together with the merchants and partners of various industries in Phnom Penh and work hard for the development of Phnom Penh.

Through the success of this Merchant Alliance’s Opening Ceremony, we also see a new future for the business development of Phnom Penh. R & F Properties (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. will continue to keep the initial intentions and bring more cooperation opportunities and business opportunities. We welcome more interested merchants, partners and investors to join the Merchant Alliance, and work with R & F Properties (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. to explore the business opportunities in Phnom Penh and create wealth in the future!

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