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“Favorable Position Overlooking Phnom Penh” R&F Glory Brand Launch Conference Was Held

On September 27th, “Favorable Position Overlooking Phnom Penh” – [R&F Glory] Brand Launch Conference and Celebrity Endorsement Signing Ceremony was held in the capital city Phnom Penh. R&F Group(Cambodia) is committed to be a leading international operator in pursuit of quality living and actively responds to development strategy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In 2018, following the project of R&F City in Phnom Penh, another high-end quality residential project [R&F Glory] was launched to create a new urban development pattern with absolute downtown landmark height, new residential concept and top luxury living experience.

Top 1 Project in Phnom Penh  Splendid Debut of R&F Glory

The press conference kicked off in a lively dance performance which made the audience fully feel the grandeur of the debut of R&F Glory. Subsequently, General Manager, Mr. Xu Wenshui and Chairman, Mr. Wang Zhihao of R&F Group(Cambodia) made speeches. According to Mr. Wang Zhihao, since its establishment in Guangzhou, China in 1994, R&F has followed the three regional development strategies of deeply operating in China’s core cities, expanding market in potential cities in China and selecting high-quality overseas projects. Now the business of R&F is operated in 69 domestic and overseas cities and regions. Since 2013, it has entered Malaysia, Australia, the United Kingdom, Cambodia and other countries. R&F has developed more than 220 projects, with total assets of about 290 billion and annual sales of over 80 billion, providing high-quality residential products and services to more than 1 million people. It has been awarded the “Top 10 Real Estate Development Enterprises in China” for eight consecutive years.

Diva Aok Sokunkanha: R&F Glory’s Spokesperson

Many celebrities attended the launch conference of R&F Glory, including its spokesperson Aok Sokunkanha who is a popular female singer in Cambodia. She is one of Cambodia leading contemporary recording artists. As the highest building in Phnom Penh, the 57-storey and 174-meter-high R&F Glory is the top-class residential building there. Aok Sokunkanha said that she was honored to be the exclusive spokesperson of R&F Glory, and she thinks highly of this project.


Welcomed Project to Build a Top Phnom Penh

In this conference, R&F Glory has comprehensively interpreted the four aspects of R&F brand, ingenuity, rich life and intimate service, showing the unique quality and spirit of the No. 1 landmark in Phnom Penh. Among the many advantages, the combination of R&F’s unique residential performance and abundant and high-end supporting facilities is undoubtedly the most eye-catching.

R&F Group embraces strong performance with 24 years of comprehensive strength. In 2017, in order to respond to the “Belt and Road” international economic development and Phnom Penh city development, R&F started its operation in Kingdom of Cambodia, the core of ASEAN and the new Asian tiger. In 2018, R&F once again launched a new masterpiece, R&F Glory, which will become the highest, most top-class and most modern epoch-making project in Phnom Penh.

Landmark in Phnom Penh-The Highest Residence Building

As the highest residential building in Phnom Penh, the 174-meter and 57-storey [R&F Glory] stands at the intersection of Monivong Boulevard, Street 271 and Hun Sen Avenue in Phnom Penh. On the building, you can enjoy the city views and the vast Mekong River. Surrounded by mature business, large shopping centers, high-end medical and educational resources, as well as complete municipal resources, R&F Glory becomes undoubtedly the unique landmark of the capital.

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